Five energy foods in your kitchen!

Meri Fitness

Your kitchen is a storehouse of blessing, if only you knew. There are things that we always keep in kitchen as essential ingredients, and they turn out to have health and medicinal benefits. See our list:


1. Sunflower seeds: Grandmothers kept them for putting in bathwater or as a cooking essential. The seeds have Selenium and Magnesium, the compounds that are believed to produce instant feelings of well-being. Also seeds are rich in amino acids that help in serotonin production, which is good for one’s mood.


2. Go bananas: Quite literally, bananas can make you crazy with happiness. They are rich in potassium and magnesium. How does it help? Since banana has natural sugar, it adds to your energy levels.


3. Dark chocolate: This one hasanadamine, which improves the blood-flow to the brain. There’s a reason why in Hollywood flicks they show how a girl recovers…

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