Delicious Homemade Fresh Fruit Juices

The STL Veggie Lifestyle


Juicing is a great and easy way to increase fruit and vegetable consumption into your diet. There are many pros to juicing compared to eating whole fresh foods as explained here. A lot of us live very busy lives. Juicing allows for us to obtain our recommended amount of fruits and vegetables in one sitting. I have included both a slideshow and YouTube video of my favorite fruit juices.

To create juices, you need to either purchase a juicer or a blender. Juicers will produce a final product that is actually a liquid, while a blender will include the pulp. You can juice foods that have seeds and skin, but both will be discarded leaving only the juice of your whole foods if you use a juicer. The problem with this is that it eliminates some essential fiber from your foods. So juicing can not substitute eating whole fruits…

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