Chicken with Avocado Salsa

Jump To Run

Tonight I created another first (and not last!) for the family! I created a great salsa to add to our bbq chicken tonight and it got rave reviews. My mother even ate everything!

This afternoon I was searching to see what I can use avocado with. I have 4 more left in the fridge and I’m itching to eat them.  So, with my googling efforts, I found two recipes that I mixed together.  Considering I had no lime juice (just lemon juice) I was limited to recipes I could use.  Martha Stewart came up with a cool cayenne chicken rub with avocado salsa and I took to that.  Instead of cayenne, it was chicken & rib bbq sauce with herb & garlic seasoning and I mixed in some tomatos from a tomato salsa recipe I found from Canadian Living.

I was a little worried my husband was’t going to enjoy…

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