TSFL Cauliflower Crust Pizza – Lean & Green

Southern Healthpitality

I pulled this receipt from the Take Shape For Life Facebook page (insert link). It was easy and pretty darn amazing. I made just a couple of adjustments.

First of all, I currently have a hang up with rabbit food. I don’t like lettuce, spinach, anything with leaves in general. I mean, why don’t we all just go knaw on our lawns. I realize that is a bit dramatic, but this is my life. Hopefully in time, I will open up to this leaf eating phenomenon. I didn’t eat cauliflower before this either, so there is hope.

Therefore, I held out on the fancy spinach leaf. I added just a tiny bit of salt-free tomato paste after baking the crust. I also added fresh mushrooms. The point here is that I took the template and made it mine, which is part of the fun.


Besides my child scraping all the…

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