I Hate to Grocery Shop…but do you know WHY?

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One of my biggest pitfalls as I am working on regaining my healthy weight is going grocery shopping.
This week I used our Stop.Challenge.Choose. several times while shopping and it brought me the realization that I am being bombarded with choice after choice after choice after choice of foods that are not good for me or worse yet are trigger addictive foods I don’t need. confused

How is it I go to the store with a shopping list of Veggies, meat, eggs, cheese, spices, stewed tomatoes and find myself going down the cookie aisle looking at all the boxes, actually picking up a few to read the nutrition info on it (I know, what nutrition?) Thank heavens I was able to Stop (take a deep breath) Challenge ( 200 calories 27 carbs for just 5 of those little things, is this going to get me closer to my goal or farther…

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