My Story

I wasn’t always overweight but as life happened, so did my obesity. Like so many today, it was hard to admit I had a problem and I didn’t realize it until it was too late. I forgot what if felt like to really feel good and it affected every aspect of my life. Rather than confront my mounting health problems I looked for the quick and easy fix or turned to things that brought me temporary relief from the dull pain that I was constantly living with. Sound Familiar? At least I was consistent, I consistently turned to food for comfort and deep down I had accepted that I was destined to meet my demise at a young age as my father had before me. Over the years, I have battled with the same disease (Diabetes) that took him from us all too soon and was numb as I saw myself on the same path. As I sat, once again in front of my favorite friend, the refrigerator,now in a wheel chair because I had recently lost my leg, I realized I was at a true crossroads in my life. Right at the time when I felt I was simple living to die, I met my health coach. Her story was full of hope and transformation and I felt that if she could do it, SO COULD I! I couldn’t believe how simple it was and the weight just started melting off! My blood sugar stabilized and I once again had hope that I could really do this! I loved having her by my side to support, encourage and guide me to what I needed to learn. Now, not to far from what was certainly my “ROCK Bottom” I am proud to proclaim that I am now in control. I have released 140+ pounds but more importantly I am happier and healthier than I have been in years. Aside from spending time with my grand kids and my wife, few things bring me greater joy than sharing these tools I have used to make such a dramatic change in my life! Cathie’s Story When Kent and I were married 40 years ago we wanted to have our family early so we would still be young enough to enjoy each other and our lives together. When the time came we were in such bad health all we wanted to do was sit. We weren’t enjoying each other nor our lives together. When Kent started this program I was not happy because he had tried so many things and they worked for a short time but then he would just go back to his old habits. He had spent a lot of money and I figured this was just another waste of time and money. After seeing such a dramatic change in his health and even more a change in his attitude, I decided to try the program for myself. I had stress fractures on both my ankles from standing so much for my job. I already had one stint put in my heart and I figured more would follow, judging from my family history. After a short time on the program I had to stop my blood pressure medication. I also had no more problems with my acid reflux and went off the medication for that. After 8 months I was down 80 pounds and and went from a size 20 to a size 8. I feel great and Kent and I are enjoying life and looking forward to many happy years together.


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