How to Have both a Social Life and a Healthy Life


Happy Thursday everyone! I g397061_10150813175798056_1526232110_net this question from my clients all the time: How do I stay on track for my goals and living a healthy lifestyle and still maintain a social life?

That is a great question!! It can be tricky, especially if your social life consists or eating at cool restaurants, drinking at fun bars, baking for girls night and then eating some more… sound familiar??

Here’s my best advice on this sticky situation…

One of the best things you can do is tell your friends/family about what you are doing & your goals. Most likely they’ll be super supportive! Then suggest that you guys go for a hike or run on the beach together and then grab some lunch, instead of just grab lunch.

When going out for food, just try and do the best you can!
  1. Try and pick healthier options. With the health and fitness…

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