Are you a Dream Builder or a Dream Crusher?

Very nice. We need more of this in all our lives!

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I have been thinking about this a lot lately…. am I a Dream Builders or a Dream Crusher?

In life we are surrounded by way more people who are Dream Crushers than Dream Builders.

It starts as soon as we are born and our parents/adults did not know why we were crying and they would shush us in their attempt to quiet us. Not knowing for sure why we were crying they would do what it took to get us to stop, to take care of us. As we grew older, adults are always telling little children “NO” because its all part of the learning process, again it is done out of love, caring, good intentions and not to be a dream crusher, but it can turn into that.

Now we become adults and we are used to being told no or you can’t do that or all the things…

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