Consistency Is Key…

Just Melinda

Or so they say. Well here is my mea culpa! After a busy few weeks I have been out of whack and then I got hit with the mother of all migraines!! Pollen season is in full swing here in the ATL and it’s been kicking all our butts. So needless to say my poor social media accounts have been neglected. I apologize. So this post will be a more what’s been going on than a topic post.

So what has been going on? Well let’s see. I started taking tennis lessons…yes you read that right Buffy. Me, city kid Mindi Palopoli Garcia is participating in the most snobby of sports besides polo. I’m kidding. Honestly though, before TSFL, 26 pounds ago tennis was not in my vocabulary. I was not a “tennis” person. Well out of my comfort zone I went and took lessons and looks like I will…

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